Health Screenings
Catching and treating vision problems is one of the best ways to prepare children for visual tasks in school.  Vision impairments are a common cause of delayed learning and are often easily treatable.

Overall physical health including  oral health are  very important  factors in a child's ability to focus and learn. 

Early intervention of both oral and vision issues improve and motivate student success.

Recent Oregon laws ( 2013 & 2015) require parents to provide statements of vision screening and dental screening to the school of enrollment unless:
    * Seeking vision or dental access directly opposes religious beliefs.
    * Prior certification has been provided.
    * Vision or dental access is a burden as defined by the state board of education.

Vision Screening Certification
Vision Screening Certification-Spanish
Dental Screening Certification
Dental Screening Certification- Spanish

School Health Services Screening Requirements
Vision Screenings and Eye Exams
House Bill 3000
House Bill 2972

ODE Guidance Documents
Blood Pressure
Height & Weight


Local Vision
Molalla Family Eye Care

Casey Eye Institute

Income-Based Vision Resources
The Founders Clinic
KEX- Kids Fund via Oregon Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

Local Dental
Northwest Dental of Molalla: OHP Advantage Provider

Fountain Valley Dental
Molalla Dental Clinic
Molalla Family Dental

OHSU School of Dentistry

Income Based Dental Resources
Clackamas County Dental Access
Salud Clinic