Medication Administration

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Medication can be administered at school in accordance with district policy and state law:

Signed Authorization for Medication Administration is required for administration of all non-injectable medications in the school setting:
Authorization for Medication Administration
Authorization for Medication Administration Directions/Rules

Signed Authorization for Specialized Care is required for injectable medications in the school setting:
Authorization for Specialized Care for Severe Allergic Reaction
Authorization for Specialized Care for Emergency Glucagon

Student's may self-carry and self administer medication once a Self- Medication Agreement ( second page of Authorization for Medication Administration) is completed.  

Self-Management may occur in the school setting for specific diagnoses such as Diabetes when the provider has designated the student as such.  A Self-Management Contract is required.
Diabetes Self-Management Contract

Staff Training
Any staff administering medication must first complete annual medication training. 


Medication Administration Record
PRN Medication Administration Record 
How to Dispose of Unused Medication
Proper Disposal of Prescription Medication

Oregon Legislation Pertaining to Medication Administration at School:

Oregon Revised Statutes
Availability of Epinephrine to Trained Staff
Eligibility for Training
Liability of School Personnel 
Immunity of Trained Staff in Emergency Response
Self-Administration of Inhalers and Auto-Injectors

Oregon Administrative Rules
Administration of Prescription and Nonprescription Medication to Students
Programs to Treat Severe Allergic Reaction or Hypoglycemia
Response to Hypoglycemia
Self-Administrator of Prescription and Nonprescription Medications

Molalla River School District Board Policies Pertaining to Medication Administration at School:

Administering Noninjectable Medications to Students
Nonprescription Medication
Prescription Medication