Individual School Health Protocols
Individual Health Protocol's (IHP's)are best practice for students with chronic health conditions that require ongoing and consistent care during the school day or who require emergency action plans to be put in place because of a specific diagnosis or condition. Protocols are necessary when a specific procedure, medication or other intervention is required for management or emergency response  that deviates from standard first aid.
Individual Health Protocols are made up of provider's orders, specific medical procedures and an individual care plan. 

Common conditions which may require individual protocols include (but are not limited to):
  • Diabetes, specifically insulin dependent.
  • Seizure Disorder, specifically with medication or VNS.
  • Severe Allergic Reaction with epinephrine.

Some conditions such as minor allergic reactions or asthma may  be managed with action plans as long as their conditions are not considered severe, fragile or life threatening.
Asthma Action Plan
Allergy Action Plan

The District Nurse is responsible for implementation of protocols and training of designated staff.  Protocols can only be implemented when:

Individual Care Plans (ICP's)  may be implemented  outside of a protocol, when special care, intervention or surveillance  is needed for a student's condition but a  clinical procedure or an emergency  procedure are not warranted. This is different from an Individual Health Protocol in that is does not have associated procedures and  the  plan does not deviate from standard first aid.  This may include uncomplicated seizure disorders, muscular dystrophy,  or shunt dependent hydrocephalus, for example. The purpose of the care plan is to alert staff who work with chronically ill students to their condition and provide resources and education in regards to standard procedures or standard first aid. 

Please note that it is the parents responsibility to report health conditions and appropriately follow up with medical documentation or releases  in order to provide individual protocols or plans. 
Please contact the district RN if your child has a chronic health condition.