Long-Range Facility Planning

Molalla River School District Executive Summary Long-Range Facility Planning


In 2015, a citizen-led Long Range Planning Committee studied options for the District’s facilities and recommended replacing or improving our aging buildings to make our schools safer, to provide capacity for a growing student population and to allow the district to operate more efficiently.  Key elements include:

  • Constructing and equipping a new middle school next to the high school, on district-owned property, to reduce operating costs and increase career pathway opportunities for students

  • Addressing growth in elementary enrollment, especially within city limits.  Options could include the use of temporary/modular classrooms or expanding Molalla Elementary to permanently serve more students or building a second elementary school in town or some other approach.

  • Enhancing school safety by restricting open access to buildings and installing security cameras district-wide

  • Protecting the community’s investment in rural schools -- and the communities they serve -- by replacing roofs, carpet, siding and inefficient heating & ventilation systems where necessary

  • Remodeling Mulino Elementary’s south campus by constructing interior hallways that restrict building access and enhance student safety