Saddle Up and Read at Mulino
Saddle Up and Read at Mulino
Dillon BaileyMulino Elementary School student have been working hard to improve reading, at home they participated in a read-a-thon that went on for 10 days.  In those 10 days Mulino student read more than 45,642 minutes and raised $6,975 towards classroom I pads.

Just Dillon Bailey alone read a whopping 1050 minutes!!

Some other top readers were Delaney Mitchell, Cielo Munoz-Ascencio, Leanne Ostapenko, Anna Mametieff, Paige Pierce,  Madelyn Blomquist, Jaelyn Moore, Zackary Orr, Isaac Adams, Alexander Rodas-Manzo, Nataly, Lexi Peterkn, McKenzie Rost, Dayne O’Malley, Jackson Conrad, Tristan McGann, Kody Rhodes, Elizabeth Singleterry, Piper Beck, Gavin Dunn, Elijah Ott, Otto Terry, Emma Dillon, Tadyn McGinness, Jorge Uribe,  Chance Henderson, Osten Terry, Claire Wallace, Daniell Castleton-Rudolph, Brooklyn Orr, Elliot Kuykendall, Brady Beck, Brennan Duman, Kaylee Allen, Emily Rountree, Tucker Ward and Kylie Smith

Congratulations to all participants!
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