Staff Training

The below include training resources for mandated health services training. 
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Annual Medication Administration Training  
ODE Required Medication Protocol

Adrenal Crisis


Annual Severe Allergic Reaction Training

Oregon Health Authority Protocol

When to use an EpiPen®
How to use an EpiPen®

Standard Procedure for Treatment of Anaphylaxis- for trained staff only


Annual Glucagon Training
Glucagon Quiz

Oregon Health Authority Glucagon Protocol

ADA Treatment of Hypoglycemia

Diabetes Basics
Severe Hypoglycemia
Glucagon Administration

Legislative requirements in Oregon require specific curriculum for Emergency Glucagon Administration, Severe Allergic Reactions ( Epinephrine Administration) and Medication Administration.  
The Medication Administration Curriculum  requires a face to face course with a nurse  during the initial training and can be reviewed by staff and a statement of completion signed for refresher coursework as per OAR 339-866-873.

The Severe Allergic Reaction Course and Emergency Glucagon Course are required in a class setting with a Registered Nurse ( or other Qualified Trainer ) to include education on the physiology of each respective condition, active practice of medication handling and return demonstration as per ORS 422.800-825 and ORS 333-055-0000.

Training for the Treatment of Severe Allergic Reaction and Training of Emergency Glucagon Providers for Treatment of Hypoglycemia FACT SHEET