Program Development and Restoration
Elementary Music Positions Restored
Posted on 10/25/2013
Community members and employees were surveyed last spring regarding budget priorities.  Among all groups surveyed, four priorities were consistently high.  These were k-12 class size, elementary core skills like reading, restoring elementary programs like music, and restoration/expansion of secondary class offerings, including career technical education.

On October 24th, the Molalla River School Board took action to restore 2.0 music education FTE to elementary schools.   Matters related to finance, class size, community values, enrollment and district priorities were all part of the discussion.  

By maintaining historical average class size targets, by adding reading specialists to our elementary program, and now by restoring elementary music, there is a clear focus on student achievement with stakeholder input.  Secondary class offerings will continue to be a consideration as the district moves forward, and providing for an exceptional education for all students remains our primary purpose.