There are many diagnoses and conditions managed everyday in the school setting, some of the most common are listed below with applicable information and forms for new students or new diagnoses.
Please notify the District RN of these new diagnoses/students by completing a referral.

Any student with a chronic health condition that will require collaboration with their provider should complete an: 
Authorization to Disclose Health Information

Conditions with  clinical procedures not reflected below should complete:
Authorization for Healthcare Procedures

Students who will take medication daily or intermittently at school should complete an:
Authorization for Medication Administration

Medication Administration Record
PRN Medication Administration Record 

Authorization for Solu-Cortef

Allergy Action Plan
Authorization for Medication Administration

Authorization for Epinephrine
MD Orders                                                            

Asthma Packet
Asthma History 
Prescriber's Orders for Asthma 
Authorization for Nebulized  Medication 
Authorizataion for Medication Administration  (self administration contract included)

Authorization for Diabetic Care
Emergency Glucagon Authorization
Self-Management Contract
Authorization for Medication Administration
Blood Glucose Logs Type 1
Blood Glucose Logs Type 2


Authorization for Specialized Care for Seizure Action Plan
Authorization for Medication Administration
Seizure History Intake