Medication Administration

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Medication can be administered at school in accordance with district policy and state law:

Signed Authorization for Medication Administration is required for administration of all non-injectable medications in the school setting:
Authorization for Medication Administration
Authorization for Medication Administration Directions/Rules

Signed Authorization for Specialized Care is required for injectable medications in the school setting:
Authorization for Specialized Care for Severe Allergic Reaction
Authorization for Specialized Care for Emergency Glucagon

Student's may self-carry and self administer medication once a Self- Medication Agreement ( second page of Authorization for Medication Administration) is completed.  

Self-Management may occur in the school setting for specific diagnoses such as Diabetes when the provider has designated the student as such.  A Self-Management Contract is required.
Diabetes Self-Management Contract

Staff Training
Any staff administering medication must first complete annual medication training. 

Medication Charting Form
Medication Check in & out

How to Dispose of Unused Medication
Proper Disposal of Prescription Medication

Oregon Legislation Pertaining to Medication Administration at School:

Oregon Revised Statutes
Availability of Epinephrine to Trained Staff
Eligibility for Training
Liability of School Personnel 
Immunity of Trained Staff in Emergency Response
Self-Administration of Inhalers and Auto-Injectors

Oregon Administrative Rules
Administration of Prescription and Nonprescription Medication to Students
Programs to Treat Severe Allergic Reaction or Hypoglycemia
Response to Hypoglycemia
Self-Administrator of Prescription and Nonprescription Medications

Oregon Department of Education Guidance Documents 
Injectable Medication

Medication Administration

Molalla River School District Board Policies Pertaining to Medication Administration at School:

Administering Noninjectable Medications to Students
Nonprescription Medication
Prescription Medication